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Last Updated: Aug 13, 2014 05:51PM CEST
Timesulin is as replacement cap for the standard issue plastic cap your pen is issued with. Timesulin is a ‘smart cap’ with a built-in timer device that shows how long it’s been since the last insulin injection to help you avoid accidental double insulin doses.

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Recycle the original cap that your insulin pen was issued with and replace it with the Timesulin cap after your next injection. Ensure you hear an audible 'click' so that you'll know that your Timesulin cap is fitted into place and won't fall off in your pocket / handbag / briefcase.

Once clicked into place, Timesulin will start counting time, showing you how long ago you last administered your insulin shot.

Timesulin will only reset when it has been off the insulin pen for more than 8 seconds, which allows you to do a quick check on insulin levels on your way out to dinner, for example, without resetting the timer.

How To Read The Display

During everyday use, Timesulin shows how much time has passed since the last injection
Timesulin for the SoloSTAR insulin pen from Sanofi
For the first hour the display indicates how many minutes and seconds have passed in this format: MM:SS. You will know you are looking at MM:SS if you see the seconds counting up each second that passes.

After sixty minutes, the timer will automatically switch to show how many hours and minutes have passed in this format: HH:MM

The Timesulin timer counts up to 99 hours and 59 minutes, at which point it will pause, showing 99:59 until you remove the cap for longer than 8 seconds, resetting the timer back to 00:00 and activating the timer when you click it back into place on your insulin pen.


Timesulin has no buttons, no instruction manual or anything to learn. Just snap it on your pen and you are ready to live a safer and easier life with diabetes. Lifespan of a Timesulin is 12 months, the screen will start fading and then go blank. We will check up with you during your first months of Timesulin use to make sure you are satisfied and also remind you when it’s time to replace your Timesulin unit.

If you have any more questions about how Timesulin works, please visit our support area.

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