What does Timesulin do? 

  • Shows you the time since your last injection.
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Does it fit my pen? 

  • We support FlexPen, SoloStar, KwikPen and FlexTouch. Only disposable insulin pens at this point. 
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VAT Exemption

  • During checkout you will be asked to fill in two fields under the "VAT Exemption". Fill in your name and state "I have diabetes" and we will not charge you the VAT.

Where do you ship?

How to use? 

  • Step 1 : Replace your old plastic cap with Timesulin
  • Step 2 : That's it, Timesulin starts automatically working.


  • Needles : We recommend users to follow the insulin pen manufacturers guidelines, including removing the needle after each injection.
  • Check how much insulin is left? Possible! If you remove Timesulin for less than 8 seconds, the timer will not reset. 


  • £15.99 RRP
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