Timesulin takes the uncertainty out of wondering whether or not the last insulin injection was administered - and how long ago that was.

For someone who doesn't live with diabetes it may be hard to even consider that you could possibly forget sticking yourself with a needle, right? But when you have to take three, four or even five injections every day, they become part of the background noise to your life. These injections don't hurt. They're not too traumatic. And you don't immediately feel the effects of the insulin on your body.

And this is where the doubt can sometimes creep in. You know what we're talking about...that niggling feeling in the back of your head where you'd just not a 100% sure that you did take your shot.

Timesulin offers the person with diabetes peace of mind in knowing for sure that they administered their habitual shot, preventing them from having to deal with the sudden onset symptoms of high or low blood sugar while feeling anxious about not knowing.

Timesulin shows with certainty how much time has passed since the last injection.

We aim to make life with diabetes just a little bit easier. Because when you live with diabetes, timing can be everything!