Thank you for buying a Timesulin cap! We believe that life with diabetes will become a little bit easier for you now that you'll never have to ask yourself whether you've taken your shot or not.

Let's get you going with Timesulin in a few easy steps.

Step 1 - Recycle the original cap

Recycle the original cap that came with your insulin pen - we are firm believers in recycling and urge you to do the same!

Step 2 - Click Timesulin into place

After your next injection, click your Timesulin smart cap into place. Once in place, your Timesulin timer will start counting time up from 00:00, showing the amount of time that has passed since your last injection.

Timesulin's timer will only reset when it has been off the insulin pen for more than 8 seconds. This allows you to do a quick check on insulin levels on your way out to dinner, for example, without resetting the timer.

Step 3 - How to read the display

During everyday use, Timesulin shows how much time has passed since the last injection.

For the first hour the display indicates how many minutes and seconds have passed in this format: MM:SS. You will know you are looking at MM:SS if you see the figures counting up each second that passes.

After sixty minutes have passed the timer will automatically switch to show how many hours and minutes have passed in this format: HH:MM.

The Timesulin timer counts up to 99 hours and 59 minutes at which point it will freeze at 99:59 until you remove it off your pen for longer than 8 seconds, which will reset the timer. Once you replace it on your pen, the timer will start counting up from 00:00 again.

Step 4 - After a year

After twelve months of use, your Timesulin screen will gently start fading, indicating that it is time for you to buy a replacement unit.

If you have any further questions, please do visit our helpful support section.

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