We designed Timesulin smart caps to accommodate the pen with its needle off or on - even an 8mm needle with its protective needle cap in place - and we have tested it with all the needle types commonly available.

There is a small bit of length and width added to accommodate the display, battery and electronics, but we have minimized this and feel confident that you will be surprised at the fact that Timesulin barely adds any weight or bulk to your insulin pen.

The dimensions and weight are as follows:

Timesulin for FlexPen Cap: 86Lx14Wx19H (mm), 14 g.

Timesulin for SoloSTAR Cap: 86Lx14Wx19H (mm), 14 g.

Timesulin for KwikPen Cap: 91Lx15Wx20H (mm), 17 g.

Timesulin for FlexTouch Cap: 86Lx14Wx19H (mm), 14 g.