Our website is mostly in great working order. If you, however, are having issues checking out, here are some tips that may help you:

Ensure the 'voucher code' area is blank
Unless we are running a specific campaign, our system does not like spacebar spaces, little '-'s or anything else in the area designated for voucher codes. Try deleting anything you may have in there and seeing if that makes a difference.

Iphone or Ipad users:
When you add something to your cart, the cart does not appear to be updating. You can solve this yourself by refreshing the page after you add something to the cart. To do this, first add an item to your cart, then press the small button that looks like a circular arrow at the top of your address bar. Now you should see the cart and be able to checkout. If you add or remove items, you may need to refresh the page again.

Internet Explorer 7 and other older browsers:
 Some people with older browsers may have a problem checking out and be notified that you haven't filled in all of your details even if you have done so.  We apologize for this frustrating experience.  Until we have fixed it, you can simply uncheck the box for "My billing address is the same as my shipping address" and then fill out all of the information.  This should work for most people.  We do however, recommend that you update your browser to the latest version to ensure a good experience on timesulin.com and many other websites on the internet!

 If you have any other queries about checking out, please email support@timesulin.com for additional help.